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Most people who find the RC Quadcopter Online Flight Training Academy are searching for answers or help on buying, building, flying or repairing remote control quadcopters / drones.

Some people like to capture aerial photography or video…

Others like to fly mini quads or toys in the back yard with their kids…

Then there’s the adrenalin junkie First Person View (FPV) pilots who like to fly at high speed through trees or around specially designed courses…

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We created the RC Quadcopter Online Flight Training Academy with one clear mission: To help other pilots reach their potential.

The techniques, procedures, skills and drills we teach at The Academy is applicable to all types of quads available in the hobby, as well as novice to experienced pilots.

To accomplish our mission, we’ve tapped into George’s 18+ years of experience instructing students in the RC hobby and Greg’s technical abilities to bundle it all online.

You’ll get a front row seat at our work bench, as well as our local flying field and learn by watching us maintain and fly our own personal quadcopters.

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